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About Freelance Writer Carol Koppelman
About Freelance Writer Carol Koppelman

Communication Experience


Carol’s experience as a communicator includes journalism, corporate communications, training, technical writing (including biomedical, pharmaceutical, and information technology), proposals and, most recently, nuclear procedure writing.  


As a contract Cyber Security Procedure Writer at Palo Verde Generating Station, Carol was responsible for revising/developing cyber security procedures consistent with project/client objectives including standardizing document format, capturing design and licensing basis, eliminating human error traps, and establishing the appropriate level of detail based on user experience.  As a result, she has familiarity with NEI 08-09 and NEI 10-04 documentation, as well as 10CFR 73.54.  Carol provided writing support on specific procedures affected by the industry Standard Design Process and provided writing support for the 10CFR 50.69 Risk Informed Categorization effort.   


Prior to this, she was a contract Nuclear Procedure Writer for the Site Procedure Standards organization for the Nuclear and Technical Manual and Quality Assurance Program Description projects at Palo Verde Generating Station in Arizona. She started on a procedure upgrade project with the classification of Technical Editor I, and through several promotions at the request of the client, was ultimately classified as Technical Writer III. 


In this role, she revised and developed administrative procedures consistent with project/client objectives, including standardizing document format, capturing design and licensing basis information, eliminating human error traps, and establishing the appropriate level of detail based on user experience. 


Site-wide document content included, but was not limited to, the following: 


  • Cybersecurity, operations, environmental, supply chain, maintenance, procedure process, and procedure writer’s guide.
  • Control of tornado-borne missiles, oversight of supplemental personnel, and fluid leak management.
  • Applicability determinations per 10CFR 50.59, 10CFR 70.72, or 10CFR 76.68.
  • Development of writing standards for the procedure project.
  • Validation of test plans to support a module for the site-wide system for document management.


Editorial activities included:

·Reviewed and edited documents to ensure logical organization, grammar, readability and adherence to control guidance for Site Procedure Standards.

·Evaluated a random sample of procedures from writers site-wide for adherence to a draft writer's guide in response to a Site Integrated Business Plan. This evaluation identified issues with style, format, and content.

·Designed and developed a tracking database to capture Activity Tracking Items (ACTs) that required technical review by unit crews to cancel, analyze or incorporate into procedures.

·Managed tracking database and information traffic by communicating with all levels of management, staff, and unit crew leaders to elicit feedback and to determine disposition of Action Items.

·Developed assessment criteria for program documentation of Administrative Procedures.

·Designed and tested evaluation questions for training of procedure writers in Structured Adobe FrameMaker.

·Performed editorial review of a closure package, technical reports, and other management documents.


Related communication activities on this project included:

  • One-on-one training in Structured Adobe FrameMaker.
  • Wrote articles for the Palo Verde News (intranet newsline for plant) regarding updates on the NATM Procedure Replacement Project.

·Developed communication plan for Site Procedure Standards department.


Journalism Experience


Carol's magazine and newspaper career has enabled her to interact easily with all levels of management and line organization as well as outside entities; gather information; and write cogently on virtually any subject.  As an editor/reporter for a small Western newspaper, she covered municipal, state, military, and governmental agencies.  Several of her articles were picked up by the Associated Press, and she was nominated for an award by the state press association for an article on the physically challenged. An article on environmental concerns was used as a compilation piece for large city paper via the Associated Press.


Carol graduated with honors from California State University, Sacramento, with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Cultural Anthropology.  She worked full time while attending college, served as the President of the student Society of Professional Journalists, and Vice President of the California Student Press Association, and contributed to the college newspaper and literary magazine. Carol was a freelance writer for On the Wing, a California arts magazine, and a contributor to Grand Junction Free Press (Colorado).  She was also a contributing writer to the Pagosa Springs Sun (Colorado), circulation 10,000, which has international online readers.  In addition, her short stories have been published in True Confessions, and her poetry published in Poetry South.


Corporate and Technical Journalism


For Great-West Healthcare Insurance, she rewrote health insurance policies and procedures as well as software documentation. 


As a contract technical writer in the raw materials lab at Eli Lilly, she created laboratory and equipment workbooks and procedures to document preferred use of more than 250 pieces of equipment and associated laboratory practices in support of a raw materials laboratory. This task involved working with technical staff to identify analytical methods and Equipment Operating processes, distilling this information into understandable form, and developing accompanying laboratory procedures to comply with a style guide. She developed document architecture and converted documents into standardized formats. She also created requirements identification documents in support of a corporate library records management system and beta-tested this system. 


As a contract Scientific Writer, working as part of a data standards team at Eli Lilly, she performed technical and editorial review of analytical methods for completed products and standardized compendia of raw materials for pharmaceuticals.  Her team exceeded an aggressive corporate deadline, developing more than 100 Therapeutic Data Standards (e.g., Gynecology, Endocrine, Oncology, Urology and Cardiovascular) for use in all phases of clinical research. These data standards were used as reference guides for collecting, storing, and analyzing clinical data points.


This was a very technical, steep-learning assignment, requiring fast-paced acquisition and application of knowledge in both therapeutic terminology and processes.  Carol partnered with more than 100 subject-matter experts worldwide to review and complete data standard documents and served as an editorial global reviewer. Research involved reviewing Clinical Study Plans, Clinical Study Reports, Clinical Study Protocols, Integrated Safety Summaries, and Statistical Analysis Plans.


She co-authored a training manual on the use of data standards within the pharmaceutical setting. The training manual was sent to units worldwide.   


During a Federal Drug Administration (FDA) audit of clinical practices at Eli Lilly, Carol and her colleagues compiled a spreadsheet of analytical variations and methods to support pharmaceutical staff. 


For Sodexho Marriott, she established the Marketing and Procurement Communications Group that:   

·Developed relationships with branding companies to promote culinary products.

·Designed intranet and internet site content, including management of corporate and vendor partner websites (e.g., Kraft, Skymall exposure aligned with Sodexho recipes)

·Oversight for the the creation and distribution of a marketing newsletter aimed at more than 100,000 employees worldwide. 

·Produced presentations and developed messages for company’s executives.

·Created multiple marketing training programs.

·Promoted media coverage in national and international trade magazines.

·Produced a CD version of Federal food safety guidelines sent to 5,000 units worldwide (approximately 100,000 employees).

·Created a PowerPoint presentation featuring the Marketing department that was sent to international headquarters in Paris, France. Approved by the President of the corporation, the CD was sent to 5,000 units worldwide. 

As a Senior Marketing Specialist for Computer Data Systems, Inc., she was responsible for writing and research in support of the business development, training, and proposal development departments.  She developed brochures for the Centers of Expertise (research and development division of CDSI); wrote articles for the Annual Report and corporate newsletter; developed brochures and capability booklets for various contracts; wrote fact sheets on contract projects; created slide presentations and accompanying scripts; and developed write ups for the web site.  She also wrote the President’s quarterly letters to employees.  Carol was instrumental in the formation, research, writing, and dissemination of system documentation for two complex databases in support of a U.S. Navy contract, and provided editorial support in the formation of a requirements analysis for their new system.  In addition, she provided technical writing support to contracts unnamed earlier.


Carol also served on three development committees at CDSI – the Proposal Management Information System database committee, focused on the development of a corporate proposal database; the Quality Committee, focused on the development and implementation of corporate quality initiatives; and as a division representative for newsletter content development.  She provided content review and analysis on proposals and training materials


For Technical Resources International, Carol supported governmental agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR).  This position included online development and preparation of National Cancer Institute, National Library of Medicine, and AHCPR documents for web access. These documents were often more than 600 pages in length, and required technical knowledge of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and an authoring software package.  Carol also participated in the strategic development, design, and editorial support of a corporate webpage, and served as a rapporteur for a substance abuse treatment symposium. 


For Health Management Strategies International, she edited technical reports on treatment for substance abuse and mental illnesses and managed a $50 million proposal for a contract with the Office of the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (OCHAMPUS). 

For the Business Connection, Disability Evaluation Group, and Pacific West Medical Group, she wrote medical summaries, contributed to newsletters, and edited forensic psychiatry reports.


For the University of Wisconsin-Madison Hospital and Clinics, she contributed frequently to the hospital newsletter, and transcribed and edited clinic and morgue reports.


As a freelance and contract writer, Carol developed educational outreach programs; implemented internal communication strategies and vehicles, planning and problem-solving, needs assessments, and created materials, including multimedia presentations, brochures, posters, and booklets, as well as developed and managed websites.  She researched and formulated strategies for programs and project and developed, scheduled, and facilitated training classes.